michael carrow

Michael Carrow

856-697-1100 Ext. 34

Council President Michael Carrow was elected to office in November, 2005. He resides at

204 Stotesbury Ave. with his wife Tracy and their children, Jonathan and Kristen.

Mr. Carrow was a former Parrish council member for Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament as well as a former member of the Board of Trustees for Edgarton Christian Academy.

Mr. Carrow has formerly served as chairman for the Water Department and Public Works/Buildings and Grounds. He also served as a member of the Shade Tree Commission.

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Finance Department

The Finance Department’s goal is to provide the highest quality of services and goods to the residents of the Borough of Newfield in a timely manner and at the lowest possible cost. Every dollar of the taxpayer’s money is closely monitored and we look for innovative ways to make our financial future secure.

The responsibilities of the Department of finance include, but are not limited to:

· Maintain Central Accounts and records

· Control Expenditures

· Pre-audit bills and claims

· Prepare the annual budget

· Prepare Financial Statements

· Examination of all vouchers prior to submission to Council for authority to pay.

· The initiation of foreclosure action and disposition of property acquired by the borough under foreclosure of Tax Title Liens.

· The coordination of departmental budgets and supervision of the entire budget.

· The review, revision of all other matters pertaining to any insurance coverage of the borough

· The finance Committee shall serve as the liaison between council and the registered Municipal Accountant.

· The Finance Committee shall receive review and present to council the proposed budget for the Planning/Zoning board.

· Finance Chairman shall act as an advisor for the Borough of Newfield concerning the financial expenditures.

· Finance Chair Person shall be in charge of personnel in Borough Hall.

· Finance Chair shall review all grants prior to submission of application.

· The Borough of Newfield obtains price quotes for all purchase $2625- $17499 as per state law, uses State Contract Vendors; and solicits bids for any purchase $17500 and above. All purchases by the borough are authorized by the issuance of a purchase order. The Borough also utilizes shared services when feasible, which include police services and municipal court services.