Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday 6:30 am-3:00 pm

The Public Works Facility will be open the first Saturday (8:00 am-noon) in March, May, July, September, and November. Additionally, the facility will be open on the first Wednesday in April and June from 6:00-8:00 pm to drop off bulk items. The facility will be closed in January, February, and December. See the Borough calendar for specific dates. Spring pick-up of leaves and limbs will begin April 2nd and will continue through early May. Leaves should not be bagged, and no grass clippings should be placed at the curb. After May nothing should be placed curbside until the Fall pick-up in late October.


Contact Public Works at (856) 697-4332 and

Zach Ellison and Pete Sparta


There should be no plastic bags (trash bags, single-use bags, etc.) in the recycling carts. The Borough is charged a weekly extra fee because of plastic bags in our recycling carts. Please place clean, dry cardboard at the curb on Recycle Days only.

All packaging materials, (styrofoam, peanuts, airbags, etc.) should be removed from any cardboard being recycled. The packaging materials are not recyclable and should be disposed of in the trash.

RECYCLE CARTS ACCEPTABLE MATERIALS only include newspaper and paper, cardboard (no wax), plastic bottles labeled #1 and # 2 on the bottom, glass bottles and jars of any color, and aluminum and tin cans.

The following materials are NOT ACCEPTABLE: appliances, plastic bags, batteries, food scraps, medical waste, diapers, human waste, clothing, needles and syringes, ceramics, porcelain, cookware, coat hangers, mixed rigid plastic, electronics, windows or plate glass, mirrors, lawn chairs or tables, tires and rims, propane tanks, mattresses, pizza boxes, plastic bottle caps. Construction materials of any kind are not permitted to be placed in the trash or recycling carts. Similarly, there should be no propane tanks of any size placed in the trash or recycling carts.

If you have received a Warning Sticker or Door Hanger for incorrect trash or recycling, it is important to contact Public Works at (856) 697-4332 so we can work together to rectify the problem.

LANDLORDS are responsible for forwarding all information received regarding Borough trash and recycling pickup to your tenants, It is the tenant's responsibility to follow trash and recycling laws, but they need to be informed.

TENANTS If you need help receiving information on trash or recycling pickup, please contact Public Works at (856) 697-4332.

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